Group of Mighty Mite guitar necks


Westheimer® Corporation was founded by Jack Westheimer in 1959. As a musical instrument industry leader and innovator, Westheimer created and/or enhanced brands such as Mighty Mite®, Cort®, Cortez®, Groove Tools®, Stella®, Kingston®, Harmony®, and Teisco®– to name just a few.  More information regarding the history of Westheimer Corporation can be found in an article published by Vintage Guitar Magazine (

Mighty Mite® is known as the original parts company with replacement parts to “hot rod” a guitar, particularly with respect to guitar necks and brass replacement parts. It was founded in the early 1970s by Randy Zacuto. Westheimer gained ownership of the Mighty Mite® trademark in 1982 and was reintroduced by Westheimer Corporation at the Anaheim NAMM show in 1991 as a supplier of replacement guitar necks, bodies and other universal parts. Currently, Mighty Mite® supplies replacement bodies, necks, pick-ups and parts for guitars made around the world.  Mighty Mite® is one of only a few companies to have a license with Fender® Musical Instrument Co. to sell replacement necks using the Fender® head stock shape.