Group of Mighty Mite guitar necks


Do you make a Locking Nut style cut neck?

  • Yes – We offer several Locking Nut necks for the R2 and R3 nuts.
    R2 nut models are:  MM2702FCR, MM2730FCR and MM2929FCR
    R3 nut models are:  MM2940FR3, MM2942FR3 and MM2943FR3 

    Some of these models will not be available till 2022.

What was the spacing of your Locking Nut style cut neck?

  • The R2 nut is 41.5mm.
  • The R3 nut will not be available till 2022.

What size nut fits the MM2902FCR neck?

  • The original Floyd Rose® R2 works. There are metric and import equivalents that will work as well, it does not need to have the bullet cutout. It can be flat across the bottom.

What is CITES?

  • The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is an international treaty to prevent species from becoming endangered or extinct because of international trade.  Effective January 2, 2017 CITES placed rosewood on their endangered list.  For more details go to

Do your necks have an oil finish on them?

  • The current product has a thin coat of satin polyurethane and the Vintage tint necks gloss polyurethane on them.  The polyurethane is oil based.
    The earlier necks did have an oil finish on them.

Is the maple strat® style neck made of one piece or two?

  • The maple neck with maple fingerboard are 1 piece.
  • The maple birdseye are 2 piece.

I have vintage tuners; it is to small for the tuner hole.

  • You will need to to install 10 mm adapter bushings.  Mighty Mite does not supply these bushings. However, they are available thru the Internet.

Do your necks have a Micro-Tilt® adjustment system on them?

  • No – this feature is not on our necks.

What kind of ebony was used on the necks?

  • April 2018 the ebony is Crassiflora/Diosptros

Do you necks have skunk stripes?

  • With the exception of the 5 string bass; Yes our necks have a skunk stripe.

Do you sell a 24 fret neck?

  • We currently do not manufacture a 24 fret neck.

Do you custom make necks?

  • We currently do not.

Do you offer scalloped necks?

  • No we do not.

What are the neck pocket dimensions?

  • That depends on what neck you are looking at.  All this information is now available in the specifications for each neck.

How would you describe your C profile.

  • It is a soft C.

Do you use graphite reinforcement rods in your necks?

  • They are metal.

Can I get different Inlays?

  • We do not have the equipment to change them. 

Are the Mounting Holes Predrilled?

  • They are not.

Can I change the nut?

  • We currently do not offer that service.

Can I upgrade the Fret wire?

  • We currently do not offer that service.

Do your necks require fret leveling and fret end dressing?

  • The fret ends are dressed before they leave our warehouse; however, due to climate changes the wood will expand and contract, at some point the frets will need to be leveled and fret ends rechecked.

Do your necks come with a Truss Rod Wrench?

  • No 

What material in the nut?

  • PPS

What country are your pickups manufactured in?

  • 1982 to approx mid 2012 they were produced in South Korea.
  • 2012 to date they are produced in Indonesia.
  • 2018 our remake models are assembled in the U.S.A.

What is your return policy?

What is your warranty policy?

What body template was used for the USA made body – MM6700AF

  • The bodies are a mix of original 1957 and 1963 contours, but the universal pickup cavities did not exist in vintage times, so that is a route that is specific to Mighty Mite, which combines SSS and H/S/H routes into one unified pickup cavity.

EVH Frankenstein neck –

  • We do not make any neck with the intention of it being an exact replica of the EVH Frankenstein from the old days.  However, if you are planning to use a Floyd Rose®/Locking Nut Tremolo; We offer a couple different fingerboards (Rosewood Maple and/or Ebony).
    – R2 Nut models are:  MM2929FCR (available 2022), MM2902FCR and MM2930FCR.
    – R3 Nut models are:  MM2940FR3, MM2942FR3 and MM2943FR3 (arriving in 2022).